Take a City Break in Fascinating Dusseldorf

Looking for a good time on Rhine? A flight to Dusseldorf from the UK will deliver you to the city that’s both exciting and interesting on the Rhine. Germany’s fashion capital has been calling many tourists not only from the UK but almost every corner of the world for a city break or holiday that can never be lost from one’s memories. Not few but attractions aplenty make tourists book cheapest flight tickets to Dusseldorf for a satisfying city break. If this is the first time you’d be doing in this great German city, make sure that you have sufficient days in bag so as to cover its most visited attractions.

Flights to Dusseldorf

Famous for its fashion, events, carnival and fashion, cosmopolitan Dusseldorf will not let you rest much, and this is exactly what intend to do, as there will be a lot in your mind to do and see. A modern city by nature, Germany’s seventh largest city’s will not let you take a flight back home with a disappointed look. It’s, in fact, let every tourist made the most out of the city-break the way they wanted to.

If you’re fond of modern culture then you will definitely fall for the city’s great selection of art museums, theatres, opera and orchestra. Dusseldorf’s known as “the longest bar in the world” at night, as there’s a huge presence of coffee shops, bars and comfortable brewing houses. A flight to Dusseldorf is what you need to reach this incredible German town where fun never meets its end.

Dusseldorf Flight Duration

British Airways direct flights to Dusseldorf from the UK let tourists discover one of Germany’s liveliest cities. Offering regular flights to Dusseldorf from London, flying with BA will be an enjoyable experience as it delivers you sooner than you think taking only 1 hour and 20 minutes. With regular flights operating out of London Heathrow (LHR) and London City (LCY) to Dusseldorf Airport (DUS), you can find the travel plan that suits you best.

When is the best time to book a cheap flight to Dusseldorf?

If Grosste Kirmes am Rhien, Dusseldorf’s biggest festival running for 9 days is what you plan to be a part of, the second and third week in July are the peak season. And if you’re limited on budget take a cheap flight to Dusseldorf in February, because it’s the time when you can book a cheap airfare.

What to do and see in Dusseldorf?

Dusseldorf, a modern German city with a medieval touch, has so much in its store that you have to have enough in your bag. Narrow streets, historic homes, churches, museums and buildings. Make way to the Old Town where you find several old and stunning churches, ancient pubs, bars and clubs. Burgplatz, the square, has won an award for being the most beautiful in Germany and is the most chosen spot to have a good time with locals.

Dusseldorf Attractions

There are a number of attractions that you cannot afford to miss including Capitol Theatre, Dusseldorf-Grafenberg, Rheinufer Tunnel, Neue Zollhof and the Gehry Buildings, the Museum of Art, and Nordpark’s Japanese Garden are some of the best attractions you can’t afford to ignore.


Top 4 Must Visit Destinations in Dusseldorf, Germany

What can I say about Dusseldorf? Where shall I begin from? Situated on the great River Rhine, Dusseldorf is well-known as one of the global cities in the world luring many travelers from every corner of the world. Reflecting incredible past through its art galleries, museums, literature and architecture, an eager tourist with a great passion for taking a journey back in time would take a flight to Dusseldorf for a weekend break not only filled with great historical tales but so much more lying in German’s city store. The soothing river flowing by the city blesses the visitors with a peaceful environment they like to loose themselves in.

Dusseldorf – A city so livable and lovable in every sense of the word!

Exciting history, interesting culture and dazzling nightlife! Everything you would want to cover can be found in a city like Dusseldorf. Well, that’s not all. There’s a lot more waiting to be checkout out by tourists like you who yearn for the best things in life. You would never compromise with what Dusseldorf’s got for you, and letting them go disregarded is not your thing. Dusseldorf is the city where you would find a fine blend of fashion, shopping, culture and lifestyle. With so much to do and see in a mesmerizing city of Dusseldorf, it makes every traveler with a will to extract the best of attractions book cheap flights to Dusseldorf.

The top 4 attractions in Dusseldorf would not let you rest as they would pour their best on you for a fantastic weekend break.

1. Best Views of Dusseldorf in 360

Rhine Tower

The Rheinturm (Rhine Tower) is the tallest building in German town, and perhaps the less evident the largest digital clock in the world. After the sun goes down, it lights up to display the time down the tower side. Moreover, you can go for some stylish dining in its revolving restaurant. And during the day, you can grab some of the best views from its observation deck at the top.

2. Alstadt (Old part of the town)

alstadt dusseldorf

Alstadt, the Old Town in Dusseldorf, is a wondrous square where you will find old churches and narrow lanes, trendy bars and clubs, ancient pubs and peculiar breweries, French fries and exotic cuisines. If you really want to know what Dusseldorf is all about, a visit to Alstadt is a must.

3. Benrath Palace

Benrath Palace

One of the most beautiful garden palaces of the 18th century, Benrath Palace was built as a summer residence and is situated Dusseldorf’s southern district of Benrath. Consisting of 3 main buildings (museums) and a big park – garden with a lake, no traveler visiting Dusseldorf affords to miss taking a tour of this palace.

4. Kaiserswerth


Kaiserswerth, one of the oldest parts of the German city, attracts many tourists from far and wide taking flights to Dusseldorf, it’s an amazing place to discover this small town on Rhine with an important history. And a few steps away from this small town, you will find cafes and beer gardens to enjoy the stay for a short time.